Monday Celebration 27th November 2023

This is the eigth week of our spring-summer (pre-christmas) term,
which finishes Friday December 15.

We are pleased to invite you to:-

This week's articles & videos:-

Teaching moment: rolling and abs/flat stomach workout

Picture: Shelly Powel style rolling is a great way to introuduce clients to the Pilates inverted work! (Inverted is when hips are above the head).

Alzheimer's 11: Plasmalogen blood tests and supplements

Using a high power blood test method called "Liquid Chromatography with tandem mass spectrometry", it's possible to measure the amounts of hundreds of different molecules in the blood -including the levels of Plasmalogens.

Picture: In dementia patients, plasmalogens are depleted which massively slows the pulsing of neurtransmitter between neurones. This is why dementia brains slow down and become non-responsive.

Celebrating this week and always,
Bruce Thomson,
ex-veterinarian and pilates instructor

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