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On this page we show pictures of our studio and briefly describe what we can do for you, our valued client! On our Studio News page we share weekly articles and videos (and the occasional free offer and promotion). You can subscribe to Studio News here.

Free services

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Paid-for services

Our paid-for services include Mat classes in-studio , also Mat classes on-Zoom , and one-on-one consultations.

Our mat classes on Zoom also come with access to our library of Pilates solution videos and excerpts of do-at-home mat classes and exercises - a little more detail here.

Studio mat classes

BTPilates offers studio mat classes (check times and make bookings here), in the Rosedale-Windsor area of North Invercargill (our address is 82 Salford Street).

Retired veterinarian turns to Pilates

Your instructor is a retired veterinarian with a passion for movement that heals and that frees you up to do what you want to do.

Your instructor,


(P.S. Three smart things you can do today!...)

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Pictures of our studio

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Street view: early summer morning February 2015

Instructor Bruce Thomson demonstrates Open Leg Rocker with a broomstick "aim for good form and good health will follow".

Instructor Bruce Thomson demonstrates active hip range of movement in Up and Down Side Kick - touch hand to leg "when the hand and the leg strive to touch, the active range of movement improves".