Bt's Pilates Studio, 15th July 2024

Spring term starts Monday July 22nd, and ends 10 weeks later (Friday September 27th).
Spring is a time of hope and renewal - (Hoping to see you soon!)

Topics this week

Topics this week include Sports prep workout & Mavora Lakes in Winter
  1. Sports prep workout
  2. Video & article: Mavora Lakes in Winter

Sports prep workout

Don’t have the natural ability to win a race? - Do it on skill instead!

Picture: Sports preparation is about knowing what works. You learn this from experienced athletes and coaches!..

Mavora Lakes in Winter

A narrative slide picture show: "I've only got one hour of daylight but I need two.  The path is muddy, and the gravel is deep...".

Picture: Sitting at Forks Hut on the Winton Burn, Lake Mavora (July 2024)