My Story, your Story

I am a retired veterinary doctor and now a Pilates instructor. I spent 25 years in rural mixed practice in Southland, treating everything from horses to alpacas and dogs to goldfish. Sheep and cats remain my preferred species. Lately, I’ve spent 20 years devoted to the mastery and teaching of Pilates and other healing and movement disciplines.

I felt fortunate to spend my childhood years in 1960s Rural England (Wirral, Cheshire), And my teen years in Auckland and in and around my uncles’ farms in the Northern Waikato.

During my veterinary years I tramped and climbed the high peaks around the South Island and developed a passion for cross-country skiing.

Nowadays I run harriers in winter and athletics in summer. I have a national age group record in the 400 metres and have the dubious honour of being (as far as I know) New Zealand's only 60s-aged hurdler. I do hurdling because it's fun, and I get to pressure test my Pilates and other physical education skills.

I also study classical guitar (another movement skill for which Pilates is a great help). And I study the Bible and work hard at being an independent thinker and an honest and ethical person.

What's your story? I'd love to hear from you, and maybe share a mat class!


Bruce Thomson,
Polestar certified Pilates instructor