Balancing up tempo core work with stretching and balance...

I learnt lots from Bruce but most importantly the value of balancing up tempo core work with stretching and balance. I learnt how to relax into a stretch too and lengthening the muscle under a load. I loved your classes. I miss them.

Lower back pain much improved...

After just a few weeks of attending BT Pilates my lower back pain was much improved and my body in good shape for enjoying running and other sports. I always looked forward to my weekly relaxing yet invigorating pilates class!
JO, Invercargill

Carefully planned...

The sessions are carefully planned, well paced and meeting the needs of the class. Furthermore I enjoy the programme.
Jim Watson, Invercargill

The classes are fun...

I'd tried yoga in the past and enjoyed it but felt I wanted do something more active. Pilates fitted the bill. The main thing that keeps me coming back is that the classes are fun
JB, Invercargill


Bruce, your enthusiam is undeniable - keep it up!

JW, Alexander, Central Otago

(Dwight Grieve, 17th in the 2015 Keplar Challenge...)

Picture: Te Anau police officer Dwight Grieve appears to get a progress report from the horses mouth as he approaches Luxmore Hut during the 2015 Kepler Challenge. Grieve finished 17th male and 19th overall in 5hrs 50m.

Hi Bruce!...

{Following your calf massage advice] ...I have a nice wee stool that sits in front of the couch now and when I am watching TV I now get on the floor with it and a tennis ball – feels like it helps so thanks for the help and advise – I have made sure I have worked in the new stretches for the glutes etc as well, I can tell I haven’t done them before.

[In the Keplar race I] did a good time in the end, had a tough day, just didnt feel 100% and was fighting from the first shelter on – good part of that being I know I can still go faster.

The leg held up well, very strange as I was so bad in Timaru and then it has just come right in time, it did play up a little from about one hour in until about the three hour mark but was more discomfort than pain.

Will catch up at some stage.


Dwight Grieve, Te Anau police officer and competitive runner

Ankle re-alignment prevents ankle re-injury

A little over a year ago I injured my right ankle, diagnosed as a problem with my posterior tibialis. I went looking for rehab exercises online and found Bruce's realignment program. Now, I knew my ankles rolled in, and I knew I was knock-kneed, but I never would have linked the alignment of those two joints. Bruce's exercise plan got to the heart of the matter, very clear, and concise but complete. After two weeks of practice my ankles were no longer riding the inside edge of my shoes; after a month I felt my chance of future injury had been dramatically reduced. Like any real change this realignment takes work and persistence and time, but it has been totally worthwhile.


Zoom online Pilates mat class...

( Ask us about a free trial week of Zoom online pilates! )

The online classes are amazing to participate in. Bruces' professional approach to using technology to reach out to people and help them with their aches, injuries and wellbeing is unprecedented. His commentaries are clear, succinct, multi-dimensional and in a time of stress his calm and confident voice carries through. His mindfulness for overall wellbeing is awesome and Bruce takes time to work on all aspects of wellbeing.

Thank you Bruce so much".

IL, Invercargill