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(26/2/2024 ...)

Ths is the 4th week of term 1 of 2024. There are 6 weeks to go. Our mat classes are filling up but there is still room for you to join us!

Articles & videos this week:-

Pilates posture correction exercises for better posture

(Looking good for your boss, boyfriend or girlfriend!..)

These exercises are based on physiotherapy research and will help you achieve a tall and relaxed posture that looks good for your boss, boyfriend, or girlfriend. Just do them! - They work!

Posture exercises...

Picture: Reverse chair sitting is one of the posture correction exercises...

Effective 10-minute sleep video

A pilates instructor's recommendation on how to get to sleep

Written and narrated by John Davisi (His YouTube channel is here), the featured video takes just 10 minutes to get you to fall asleep.

Video: View the video!

Picture: the video's splash page

Celebrating this week and always,
Bruce Thomson,
ex-veterinarian and pilates instructor

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